With Christmas already breathing down our necks, so many of us are stressed about the upcoming holidays- with the decorations, gifts, meals to prepare and cards to send out. If you are smart- the cards have already been sent out and the gifts are all wrapped and in place under the tree!

But stop and take a breath- we get so caught up in the holidays and the day that IS Christmas that we don’t stop to think about its true meaning. We forget the Christ in Christmas.There is nothing more important than the real reason the festival is celebrated by all and sundry. On that note- invite a friend not just to a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, but to a church service!

So of course please go ahead, enjoy the magical time where the streets are lit, carols are sung, the profits of commercial establishments brought to an all time high, and where families gather together in harmony and joy.

Yes it is a season of giving- but what? Gifts to ourselves and our near and dear ones? Gifts that we probably don’t even need? Maybe this year in addition to bringing joy to our loved ones, we could bring joy and bless one other person? If each of us did this, imagine- the homeless, the beggars on the street, the needy we could all have a reason to celebrate.

If you want to know where to donate- contact the blog for areas in the East Coast, for the United Arab Emirates, or even India, and we will put you through to organisations helping the community at large. Alternatively, feel free to buy a coffee for the guy standing outside the bodega in the freezing cold.

Remember- it is the festival of lights… not just to enjoy magical lights but to BE A LIGHT in this world.