So I am here after almost a year! Last year I was here for 4 full days, so this year it is going to be a long vacation! Or maybe I should not call it a vacation!

All I must say is that I was dreading coming to Bombay…. but the smell of rain, cool crisp fresh air at times and my childhood (read adolescent room) make it all worth it!!

I absolutely love my room- it’s not a great room- but I designed it all by myself at 17, and take great pleasure in it! My study table now holds my suitcases and bags……. my bookshelf is full and I know I have to give away my books- but I cannot bring myself to do that… But oh the memories……… absolutely love them! And how can I forget- my music books and photo albums… I also discovered my barbie dolls, albeit with matted hair:( I now have to shower and clean dolls at the age of 30! The child in me lives on!!!

It’s a mess right now- but I shall and must put up a picture of it at some point…

Home is where my childhood is!!!!