And I still decide to write a post. What kind of a person am I?

I leave for Jordan tomorrow, have not completed my posts on Seychelles, and am swamped with work…

At times like these, I don’t know where to start.. It gets so frustrating.

We are way understaffed at work, and know that we need another lawyer- but will our needs ever  be fulfilled? No it wont…

And my desk and room… I had better not get started…… On the other hand, at least my house is super clean today, given that I just got it cleaned yesterday.. and that is only cause I don’t like coming back to a messy house after a short vacation. But yay I may not be done with packing.. but in 24 hours I’ll be in a new country- with the same weather though!

Oh I am rambling:(


My room at work.. notice the mess:(

So here’s to more work… and hopefully more blogging too!